18 Super-Foods for Glowing Skin

  It is true that cosmetics can make us look beautiful and young for the time-being but no amount of botox or expensive creams will show any outcome in the long-run unless and until our skin is well-nourished from within. Cosmetics can only be applied on the outside of the skin while foods have the

Top 20 Foods for Weight Loss

There is no shortcut to losing weight. You have to exercise and maintain a strict control on your diet – only then can you expect to see some positive results. Though losing weight involves a lot of sweat it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to starve yourself. Partaking of a wholesome diet rich in fruits,

19 Incredible Health benefits of Honey

Honey is a natural sugar made by bees using the nectar from the flowers.  It has been used since time immemorial by the countless cultures all over the world to treat a variety of ailments. There is no region in the world where honey is not used. Honey is known by different names in different

19 Surprising Health Benefits of Cinnamon That You Did Not Know About

Cinnamon, scientifically known as Cinnamomum, is one of the oldest spices known to the human kind. It is a brown bark of the cinnamon tea. Cinnamon tree is native to South America, South East Asia and Caribbean.  The ancient Egyptians have consumed this spice since 2000 BC as an embalming agent. In fact, this treasured

Diabetes 1 – Symptoms and Prevention

What is Type 1 Diabetes? Diabetes 1 or Diabetes Mellitus is a form of diabetes where the insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas is destroyed resulting in the body producing insufficient insulin. Insulin is a hormone which is required to convert sugar and starch into energy since our body cannot directly utilize the sugar/glucose

14 Wonderful Foods for the Brain

Just as our body needs food to survive, so also our brain needs food to perform well. But that doesn’t mean we consume any which food to meet our brains requirement. There are certain foods which are specifically rich in nutrients that are essential to the proper functioning of the brain. Consuming them assumes importance

19 Benefits of Lemon Water That You May Not Know About

Lemon is one of the most widely used citrus fruits in the world. It belongs to the Rutaceae family and is known as citrus Limon botanically. It is commonly used to flavor dishes and tea. Lemon peel contains several volatile oil glands in the pits.  In spite of being small in size, lemon contains more

15 Benefits of Bananas That Will Amaze You

From infants to elders, banana is a favorite of everyone . This staple fruit of India is not only delicious, but is available throughout the year.  It is generally preferred by the masses due to its low cost and delicious taste. Image Source Banana is a perennial herbaceous belonging to the Musacea family. The plant

19 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Water

Adopting a few simple steps can go a long way in keeping your health at its best. One of the easiest ways of staying healthy is by drinking plenty of water every day. You can never overstate the need for water. The amount of water you consume daily plays a very important role in maintaining

15 Awesome Home Remedies for Gout

What is Gout?   Gout is a medical condition where uric acid crystals accumulate in the joints and extremities of the body causing a person to suffer from severe pain that is also accompanied by redness and tenderness in the joints. Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis which can affect near about anyone. The