22 Must Eat Foods For Better Sex


22 Foods To Boost Your Performance In Bedroom

Foods for better sex


Love is always in the air; it need not be Valentines’ Day or any special day to spice up your bedroom routine. The increasing hectic lifestyle together with age, fatigue, stress, emotional issues, and hormonal imbalances have left the sex lives top nothing, but boring. And, studies also suggest that there has been a drastic dip in the romantic lives. While a healthy diet along with proper exercise is known to be beneficial in boosting your performance in bedroom, there are a certain set of foods for better sex, vouch researches and studies.

Here are 22 such foods, aside oysters, that you can include as a part of your healthy diet for better orgasms…

1. Oranges



Vitamin C present in organs is a key ingredient for the healthy functioning of sexual organs. So, make sure you have this fruit handy when in season.

2. Olive Oil

Olive oil


Packed with plenty of  good fats, the goodness of olive oil goes beyond weight loss. It is known to stimulate the production of testosterone, the hormone that women require while getting that much touted ‘O’.

3. Eggs



Packed with vitamin B6 and vitamin B5, eggs are densely rich in protein. It is a wholesome source of energy. All these factors work in harmony, enabling your man to last longer, while giving you a fabulous orgasm.

4. Brown Rice

Brown Rice


This is a natural and affluent source of zinc. Zinc, as many of you know, is a key player in sex life. It triggers the synthesis of prolactin, the brake breaker of your bedroom routine.

5. Ginseng Tea

Ginseng Tea


This one boosts the libido in men, enabling them to satisfy their partner in a very luxurious way.  Loaded with ginsenoside, it is good for men. Just one cup a day can do the job.

6. Peppers



All are good, but the hotter the pepper is, the better your performance levels will be. The metabolism peps up and blood gushes into those desirable organs. However, just make sure you choose the right one, lest you want to spoil the ‘D’ moment.

7. Garlic



A few pods of garlic roasted in clarified butter before bedtime can surge the flow of blood to sexual organs, thereby bestowing you with a memorable moment. The allicin is the benefactor. Just make sure you brush properly and have a few rounds of mouthwash before you get into action.

8. Beetroot



The deep, red beets are yet another bedroom booster, especially for the males. Nitric oxide present in these roots helps in dilation of blood vessels, thereby promoting better flow of blood. This, in turn, boost the performance levels, enabling your man to last longer.

9. Sushi



Want to make your date night extra special? Make your dinner a Japanese one by including salmon or tuna laden sushi. The healthy omega 3 fatty acids do the job.

10. Strawberries




There is no wonder these fruits are much in demand during Valentines’ season. Packed with zinc in generous amounts, it boost the libido of men as well as women. So, men out there, load your zinc levels for satisfying your woman in a better way!

11. Avocados



Rich in vitamin B6 and folic acid, avocados are a must include for young women. While the former one helps in hormonal balancing, the latter one renders you the much required energy.

12. Watermelon



Men out there quench your thirst and ‘thirst’ with these watery fruits. They give you better erections and gives you libido a powerful boost. Trigger factors – citrulline that stimulate the release of arganine, the vasodialator.

13. Almonds



A good source of arginine, almonds helps in relaxing the blood vessels, paving way for better circulation. This ensures that you get better orgasm, while your man has a stronger erection.

14. Chocolate



Choose the darkest version available to kick off an unending release of endorphins and serotonin, the mood boosters, that inadvertently paves way for better performance in the bedroom.

15. Raspberries



Akin to strawberries, these are wonderful sources of zinc, an essential ingredient for better sex.

16. Peaches



Give your sperm count  a boost and with a higher quality with the vitamin C from peaches. The fertility levels are improved while paving way for stronger erections with better results.

17. Coffee



Being an innate stimulant, you can use coffee to improve your sex drive. The brain is stimulated and arousal is heightened. Just take care that you do not overdo!

18. Saffron



The use of saffron as an aphrodisiac has been in existence since time unknown. Crush a pinch of saffron and mix it with milk. Have it before bedtime for better sex drive and better sex.

19. Steak



Laden generously with protein, iron, vitamin B, and zinc, steak does wonders in boosting the libido and sex drive. This is applicable for men and women alike.

20. Maca



Pet named affectionately as the Viagra from nature, this root veggie is a duper aphrodisiac. It has been in use since time unexplored as a libido boosting food and fertility enhancer. Studies conducted on maca suggest that it does possess the potential to pep up energy, fertility, strength, libido, and stamina. In short, you are bound to be dumbfounded by your partner’s performance.

21. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds


These may not look tempting, but their nutritional factors matter a lot when it comes to your performance in between the sheets. They are wonderful sources of zinc, the mood booster. Plus, these tiny beige hued seeds also contain vitamins such as K, E, D, C, and B along with an array of minerals such as phosphorous, calcium, and potassium. Studies also suggest that these seeds are wonderfully rich in arginine and niacin, two key components that are essential for a good sex drive.

22. Red Wine

Red wine


You can have wine, but in limited amounts to boost your sex drive. Studies have proven that women who consume red wine showcase higher drive than those who do not consume. Include it in your dinner recipe or just have a glass if you want to spice up your performance.

So, what do your think are the foods for better sex? Do you have anything else than mentioned above? Share with us….