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37 Benefits of Cucumber for Skin, Health, Hair and Beauty

The crunchy, green and humble cucumber is really amazing vegetable to beat this summer heat. Since decades cucumber is cultivated and is one of the oldest cultivated crops. Cucumber has it’s originate in India. Plant belongs to cucurbitaceous family and it is basically a creeper. Scientifically we call cucumber as Cucumis sativus. Cucumber is best

38 Benefits of Papaya for Skin, Hair, Health and Beauty

Papaya is known as “The Fruits of Angels” as it is very famous and loved by all for its rich orange texture and delicious taste. Do you know, they are good for health, skin and hair too? Throughout the year papaya is available. This fruit has soft butter like consistency and is sweet and delicious

11 Home Remedies for Varicose Vein: Get Rid Those Dark Lines on Your Legs Naturally!

If you see red or black in color line at the skin’s surface then it is varicose veins. These are an abnormally enlarged vein which appears very close to the skin’s surface. Many of us find these veins in our thighs or calves. This is usually due to malfunctioning valves inside your veins as an