Best Weight Loss Diet Plans


Losing weight has become one of the most popular interests today. It is not only the women obsessing about their figures but men as well. As a result, various weight loss programs, exercise regimes and diet plans have emerged to answer the ever prevailing problem of weight gain.

With the emergence of all the available weight loss programs, one could wonder why there are still a lot of people worrying about their weight in spite of going through various weight loss programs already. This has a lot to do with the effectiveness of the diet or exercise that you are employing. For different people, different regimes would work. The key is to get to know your body and what works best for you.

Most Effective Weight Loss Diet

The most effective weight loss programs would consist of combining proper diet and exercise. Of course, you could just focus on one or the other but the best and fastest results would be from a combination of the two.

More often than not however, we rarely have time to get regular exercise done in our busy schedule. With work and our personal responsibilities, it is often more than enough for us to juggle. So the most ideal would be to find the best diet for weight loss.

Now there are several programs proposing the best weight loss diet plan and most of these diet plans are different from one another. Some of the most popular diet plans are listed below:

The South Beach Diet

This diet plan concentrates on eliminating carbohydrates from ones diet to induce burning of stored fat. By eliminating the bad carbohydrates, the body has no other recourse but to burn the stored fat and thereby reducing one’s weight. This is usually what happens during the first phase and when rapid weight loss occurs. The second phase involves slowly introducing carbohydrates back into your diet again but at a reasonable amount. The third phase is trying to maintain your weight loss.

The Weight Watchers Diet

This diet assigns values on food in order to monitor the amount of calories that you intake. This is extremely popular because it doesn’t have any restriction on food as long as you watch your number of calorie intake. So you would want to eat food that are more filling but “costs” less in order to get you through your day. While this may be a very popular diet because it lets you eat whatever you like, its downside is that it gets tedious to keep track by adding your calorie intake and its weight loss is at a slower pace.

The Atkins Diet

This diet is a slightly different take on the South Beach Diet. It reduces the intake of bad carbohydrates and replacing them with healthier foods like whole grains and vegetables. These vegetables and whole grains are high on fiber.

The Zone Diet

This diet tries to balance out ratio of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat intake. The limit of calorie intake is different for men and women. Since there are no food restrictions in this diet, this is fairly popular. Of course, there may be reduction in intake but at least nothing is being restricted.

The Flexitarian Diet

From the word flexitarian you get an idea that it is a combination of two words and these two are actually the key ingredients to the diet: flexible and vegetarian. This diet encourages you to be a vegetarian most of the time but can be flexible enough to eat meat when your fancy strikes.

Most diets that eliminate or reduce intake of carbohydrates are said to be the best diet for quick weight loss. Of course it is still difficult to ascertain as to which is the best diet for fast weight loss at this point, much more the best weight loss diet for women or the best weight loss diet for men. However, we can ascertain that cutting down on carbohydrates is one of the most effective diet plans.

Fastest Weight Loss Diet

Losing weight through diet is expected to be taken slowly in order to be healthy and safe. But crash diets are oftentimes popular because people, especially women, are in a rush to lose weight over some special occasion. These crash diets can enable you to lose up to 2 lbs. a day! Of course there are great health risks involved in losing weight too much and too fast.

The best quick weight loss diet would involve a healthier way to do so. It’s not necessarily the diet that enables you to lose so much in a short amount of time. Rather, it is the diet which you can lose weight fast and still be healthy enough. Some of the fastest weight loss diets are the following:

The Cabbage Soup Diet

Some of the fastest weight loss diets involve intake of lots and lots of water with hardly anything at all save for a vegetable or two. Of course you can easily see why such a diet would work really fast because it involves starving yourself. This liquid diet involves just eating cabbage soup. You can have all the cabbage soup that you want but nothing else. It’s a little difficult to determine what thebest liquid diet for weight loss is since most of these diets are similar. They just involve taking in a lot of fluids.

The Raspberry Ketones Diet

Other diets involve taking a supplementary pill or inject themselves with certain hormones to promote fast metabolism. The Raspberry Ketones Diet requires you to take a few drops under your tongue. Customers rating have been high on this product claiming that it works really well.

The South Beach Diet

This involves phases in order to be effective and the fastest weight loss occurs in the first few weeks. The first phase would involve avoiding carbohydrates and instead eating high protein food. The second phase would involve slowly eating carbohydrates again and followed by the third phase which involves eating a healthy balanced diet. It is by no means the fastest weight loss diet but it is one of the healthiest and safest ways and so that makes it one of the best fast weight loss diets.

The Slim-Fast Diet

This diet requires you to stay within 1,200 calories a day limit while eating three snacks (preferably a fruit), two Slim-Fast meals and one 500 calorie meal. You can still eat what you want provided that this is within range of your 500 calories meal.

The Biggest Loser Diet

This has been made popular by the hit TV series The Biggest Loser. This involves eating the right kind of food and coupling this with lots and lots of exercise. It has proved to be a fast weight loss diet but it also takes a lot of hard work in order to make it really work.

Probably the best diet for rapid weight lossis a diet that involves eating balanced nutritious food. At the end of the day, no matter how quickly we want to shed our extra pounds, we still have to find a way to remain healthy.

Supplements for Weight Loss

While having a diet plan is enough for some, others feel the need to augment their diet with supplements like pills to hasten the effect of their diet. The right kind of pills could be effective and safe enough but with the number of diet pills available in the market, finding even a safe one could be a daunting task. It is essential that if you decide to take a diet pill, you have to be able to find the best diet pills for weight loss not only to make your diet really effective but also to be assured that those pills are safe.

In choosing the best weight loss diet pills, you have to consider several things.

  • Overall Rating. People would be sharing this in different forums and testifying as to the effectivity of the diet pills. Be sure to read up on those reviews to get the overall rating for that pill.
  • Ingredients and Weight Loss Power. Some pills could be really ineffective because there is hardly any substance that would speed up weight loss. The long term results are also important and you can read through some of the customer reviews about this.
  • Safety. Always read through all the details because it may include toxins that are harmful to your body.
  • Price. Diet pills may be very expensive. Try to weigh if the results would be worth the price.

While supplementing your diet may be effective, nothing still beats the natural way of dieting. The best diet plan for weight loss should always consider your health first. After all, when you get sick because of all your extreme diet plans, all your regimen and plans would go down the drain. Always remember that the best diet plans for weight lossalways put your health first.

Because of this, it is important that the diet plan that you choose would also be the best detox diet weight loss there is. That way, it would be medically approved also and you can be assured that it is safe. Weight loss may be the craze these days but our health is still a top priority.